Healthcare IT Services

e-Medicare Solutions Healthcare IT Services believes in a wholesome strategy covering IT domain as well to enable healthcare industry to acquire modern standards and compete in prevailing environment. This helps to achieve patient satisfaction and relieves burden from physicians and specialists. It contains a complete solution of iHealthCure-Hospital Management and Information System (iHC-HMIS) and iHealthCure-Picture Archiving and Communication System (iHC-PACS)

healthcare it services
We also provide consultancy services related to IT infrastructure procurement, data center operations, related management and disaster recovery to clients in other industries. Data center planning and setup. We assist in planning, building, installing and configuring data centers.

Data center infrastructure planning in done in following fields:-

Healthcare IT Services provide Hardware selection and procurement. Hardware selection to meet your IT needs is a key step for any industry. Proper and requisite hardware can deliver best performance and save cost. We assist in planning the hardware that meets your needs. Our technical engineers keep in touch with modern hardware trends and advances. We believe in providing engineered solutions. Our teams always remain in touch with clients for feedback about servers and other devices. 

Network and Security setup. We offer consultancy services in setting up Network and securing all services. Network and security has become a challenge in modern era. With our strong team of network engineers, we aim to relieve our clients of the stress of data loss or intrusion. Our team is capable enough to design and secure the network within data centers as well as on edge locations. Efficient network with zero-latency response is our goal.