Radiology Information System

iHealthCure-Radiology Information System (iHC-RIS) that helps diagnostics department in managing the entire radiology workflow and collaborate seamlessly across multiple departments having interoperability as per HL7 protocol. iHC-RIS makes information immediate, easy to access, easy to update, and always available for those who need to know. It also transforms the way you want to run your radiology department by rapidly and easily delivering the information you need to monitor department’s quality, efficiency and profitability. Fully capable to integrate with DICOM modalities. Once the report is ready and verified by the radiologist and consultant, an email & SMS is generated and send to patient verified report along with DICOM images attachment facility.


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Problem with Solution

Radiology information is also one of the cornerstones of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR). Clinicians also rely heavily on radiology test results and interpretations helps in making the critical decisions that govern patient diagnosis & treatment and dictate resource utilization. RIS also ensure to meet the requirements of a Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) and address this as an urgent priority. PACS is not solely a radiology tool and will be utilized by many clinicians across the PACS arena. By using iHC-RIS provides a scalable system based on n-tier architecture along with PACS. It also provides an operational environment which ensures the security and integrity of the system and its data. It has the ability to store DICOM studies in a structured way, making its retrieval easier.


The RIS is a mission-critical component of Hospital Management System. iHC-RIS propose best practice guidelines for implementing the RIS to address the key challenges identified in any radiology and diagnostic department. We automate workflows, integrate DICOM modalities and ensures that data is appropriately managed. Different strategies are involved in managing data growth e.g., partitioning, archiving etc. along with exchange of data with PACS.


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Key Advantages

iHealthCure Mobile App for RIS Support

iHC-RIS come with additional support of Hi-tech iHealthCure Mobile App, with help of this app patient can book an appointment for diagnostic tests having the facility to cancel, reschedule that appointment, can view and share his/her diagnostics reports with consultant and also manage his/her medical services billing in mobile wallet.

Patient Management

Unique Medical Record Number (UMRN) generation based on Patient Registration with detail demography. Apart from, its integration and interoperability with the appointment system, Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) can be defined a maximum number of walk-in and appointed cases that can be examined.

Integration with Other System

Being the diverse workflow and having interoperability, Integration with the Appointment System, Inventory system, clinician module and order management modules is also available. All the CPOE having radiology diagnostics and Its workflow has been managed by iHC-Radiology Information System.

CPOE Management

All the CPOE having radiology diagnostics and Its workflow has been managed by iHC-RIS.

Billing & Payment Receipt

The system has ability to generate the payment receipt of CPOE of radiology diagnostics request and define medical billing process as per organization policy and ability to bill the patient before / after rendering the services as per the define category of the patient for medical billing. System has the flexibility to configure.

Reports Management

Ability to load different studies, side by side for comparison, Importing of any medical images from CD / DVD etc along with its reporting templates. CD / DVD writing support with embedded DICOM viewer, Multiple patient printing (same film multiple modality images) on DICOM printer along with its report.

DICOM Study Storage and PACS Interfacing

It has the ability to store DICOM studies in a structured way and interfacing technique is based on HL7. The radiology system will be interfacing with PACS and imaging modalities, to feed it with all patient information required to complete image archiving along with its reporting.

Warning & Alerts

The system supports warnings & alerts for several cases the radiologist or medical staff have to be alerted like more than one procedure requested at the same time, Radiology-related in-stock items at minimum level.

DICOM Image with iHC-RIS