Hospital Information System

iHealthCure-Hospital Information System (iHC-HIS) facilitates healthcare institutions with hospital automation. The authentications and verifications of entries are carried out through the Audit Trial facility. A unified patient view and manage processes regarding Out Patients, In Patients and Emergency. It provides the best interoperability among departments. All patient-relevant data will be consistently accurate, giving you visibility of overall institutional performance and real-time KPIs.

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Problem with Solution

Today, the majority of the healthcare facilities still depend on manual system and paper-based processes. There is a lack of accuracy in patient information, duplication and loss of some medical files. Difficulty sharing medical history and lab results, Errors in prescription and dosage, Lack of data for research and policymaking. 

iHC-Hospital information system solves this issue by collecting the best possible clinical and non-clinical information about the patient, keeping track of all medical files in the form of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) having patient monitoring system of any suspicious circumstances. Usability and user-friendliness are another key point, making it very practical and intuitive for users to interact with the system, increasing productivity and motivation.


Being able to gather and maintain accurate information about patient is a big challenge every healthcare facility faces today. Besides the issues facing data quality there is also a productivity issue, as people are used to manual procedures and do not feel comfortable switching from paper-based processes. iHC-HMS looks to leverage its usability, adaptability, availability, reliability, confidentiality, having monitoring and audit controls for healthcare administrators along with R&D and evidence-based policymaking by implementation of sustainable, secure and cost-efficient IT practices. Overall iHC-HMS user-friendliness to break the cultural threshold of paper and gain a 100% adoption rate, enhancing overall productivity and efficiency in healthcare facility.


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Key Features

Patient Management

It manages patient’s demographics data, making it fast and simple to register new patient having Unique Medical Record Number (UMRN) and maintaining the record of every visit up-to-date while actively preventing duplication of information in its EMR. Having a facility to obtain patient data from countrywide citizen database, Advance search of patients through a wide array of criteria, Handle VIP patients with restricted data access.

Appointments & Queue Management

It takes care the patient appointments to doctor consultation or diagnostics / investigation services prior booking as per the define roster of doctors and clinical services to facilitate the patient. Where doctor and clinic can also configure, manage & reschedule appointments as per availability. Appointment’s history will be secure & available on iHealthCure System.

OPD Management

It allows to select the relevant OPD doctor and specialty, available in the day for patient consultation to create Electronic Prescription (eRX), specialty based on SOAP notes, CPOE orders including ICD-10, CPT codes, having patient history along with multi linguistic e-Prescription. Incorporated with patient’s EMR and further referral management as per define healthcare facility workflow. Scheduling of appointments, follow up and referrals, Handling of doctors and clinics unavailability.

IPD Management

iHealthCure fully automates the admission & discharge of patients and actively suggests optimized schedule for procedures and surgeries. It allows the Admission Counter staff to allocate vacant bed in the concerned ward. The system should display the status of the beds in all the wards in real time. Patient admission for hospitalization, surgery and day case visit, Room and bed selection on hospitalization, Maintaining In Patient charts, Medicines Administration Sheet, Investigation Sheet, Clinical Notes etc., Patient discharge and follow-up.

Accident & Emergency Management

It allows the emergency counter to streamline emergency services to refer the patient at triage and then after analysis further disposal to admissions, discharges and management of patients in emergency. A mechanism for un-identified patient also. Patient Triage with filter clinic, Patient admission for an emergency with or without criminal investigation, Unidentified patient admission for an emergency service, Hospitalize patient from an emergency.

OT Management

It helps to schedule procedure as it has ability to associate surgeons, anesthetists, technicians, nurses, equipment’s etc., and allow the admission counter staff to allocate bed in the concerned ward. Preparation of procedure, post procedure, to concern ward.

Finance & Accounting

The system has ability to generate the payment receipt of avail medical services, to bill the patient before/after rendering the services. Having the flexibility to handle bills and invoices for all patients as simplified with iHC-Hospital information system in Dubai/UAE having its own accounting solution. Management of services price lists for different type and category of patients, Management and issuing of bills, invoices and payment receipts along with refund operations.