iHealthCure Mobile App

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Clinical Practice anywhere any time with iHealthCure Doctor's App

Configure/Manage Appointments

iHealthCure Mobile App You can configure, manage & reschedule appointments for your clinic locations. Your appointment history will be secure & available on iHealthCure System.

Increase your consultancy earning

iHealthCure Mobile App is designed to help increase your consultancy earning by reaching more patient online on just few clicks.

Clinical Practice Management System

iHealthCure is a complete Practice Management System, you can make and manage your clinical appointments, online appointments and electronic consultation.

Get Consultation with iHealthCure App

Search Doctor and Get Appointments

iHealthCure is next generation Mobile app to search Doctors, get appointments, without going anywhere with no cost and get consulted

Search Diagnostic centres and Labs

Getting appointment from a diagnostic centre is very difficult some time with no help, iHealthCure helps you getting appointment on nearby diagnostic centres & lab

Keep your Medical Record safe

Keeping and carrying your medical record and keeping it safe was very difficult before today, in iHealthCure app you can keep your medical record secure forever.